I've always had a passion for food, where it comes from and how to make it. It's possibly genetic, but more likely, nurtured. From an early age, I trailed my maternal grandfather in his garden, and followed him into the kitchen to observe Italian specialties made from tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. My paternal grandfather was a cook in the Navy. For years after his service, he held weekly dinners for nearly 30 family members. It was in this cramped house that I learned how to not waste anything -- authentic root to frond cooking before it was chic.

I have been a teacher, non-profit professional, and adult educator; I have always sought to help others be their best selves. I believe in the plasticity of the brain, that we can can grow our knowledge and skills with practice and challenge. I also sponged up as much as I could about food and cooking. In 2010, I started my neighborhood CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) with neighbors and became even more invested in where my food comes from. I developed a relationship with my farmer and learned more about eating sustainable foods. I practiced how to cook it, and how to put it away for a winter day.

Eventually, the tug of the culinary arts and a passion for seasonal local cooking brought me to the Natural Gourmet Institute where I completed the Chef's Training Program in health supportive cooking. I focused on primarily plant-based, healing food. While training, I cooked and baked at James in Brooklyn, a neighborhood restaurant with a menu driven by locally available produce and relationships with farmers.

Most importantly, I've inspired my five-year-old to make his own pesto and eat kale with glee, and cajoled my partner - an unapologetic, grease-loving carnivore - to eat a variety of vegetables. I offer cooking classes that are informative and engaging for all ages. Join me to learn how to make delicious, healthful dishes from what's abundant right now.

Our Mission

Teaching Table aims to inspire others to cook foods that are better for their bodies, their families and their communities. The table I grew up around inspired curiosity, challenge, and an appreciation for food. At Teaching Table, we believe in sourcing ingredients locally to sustain our earth and community. We believe in making health supportive decisions while honoring that food should taste delicious. We believe in creating positive participant experiences. When you gather around the Teaching Table, you will learn techniques to turn seasonal, locally sourced ingredients into health supportive foods everyone will enjoy. You will ask questions and challenge yourself, and walk away with recipes and tools for your culinary tool belt.

The most important thing we can teach our kids for their long-term health and happiness is how to cook.
— Michael Pollan